Out and About

So….right now I’m proud of us as a family. With Charlie’s wild shenanigans we were sitting in a RESTAURANT, of all places to find us, when we realized the last time we all sat together to eat in a restaurant was over a year ago when Mimi and Uncle Brown came for spring break. Cracker Barrel, God bless those poor people the night we were there, silverware and anything else he could get his hands on went flying faster than I could catch it and with three boys I have pretty good reflexes.

We crazily tried going to Outback this afternoon. Now granted we went to dinner at 4:30 before the crowds and I brought in food for Charlie because seriously I am putting the kid in Food School starting next week where the boys go to therapy. He is very food limiting and it’s mostly junk. If the waitress or anyone else noticed that while I gave Charlie a sample of all of our meals but I pulled poptarts, goldfish, and bagged cereal out of his backpack I never caught a stare. We had a nice time as a family and Charlie with a lot of reminders kept his plate on the table. FYI I asked for a to go container. He ate from his styrofoam to go salad bowl and didn’t throw a thing.

Now towards the end of the meal things got a little dicey. Charlie decided to announce he had to go potty. He’s got a thing for public bathrooms after discovering at Best Buy the other week that if he’s loud it echos. Now he wants to try out everyone’s bathroom regardless of if he actually needs to go. He kept repeating “I go potty” over and over so I decided to take him and see if he really needed to go. Of course he had gone #2 and guess who forgot to pick up another package of wipes to go in his backpack? 🙋🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Yep, that’s right, this mom! 👏

Moral of the story- Autism does change the life of a family and while you might have to step back from some situations for a while until you can all handle it, that doesn’t mean you can never enjoy those things again. With a little planning we managed eating out IN THE ACTUAL RESTAURANT. I’m sure other special needs parents will understand why this is such a major big deal for us.

I am beyond thankful for all of his therapists, aides, and his teachers who are all so special to our family. So many changes have come about in the past year since being diagnosed and starting a special needs preschool class. Charlie still has a long ways to go but oh how far he has come. Thank you all for following our adventures with #troublecomesinthrees

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