Family Time



So many times these days we find that we are simply caught up with too many things. Ever have your phone pop up and tell you how much screen time you’ve been using per day? It is an annoying little feature but also quite shocking how much of your life is wasting away. You are not going to remember the TV shows, no one, including you, is going to care about your new high score on that video game, and you were probably shocked how much time you spend popping between social media apps. All of these things that in the long run do not matter.

I have been giving it some thought and I know I do not spend enough quality time with my kids. I own it, but I am also going to try and change it. I want my kids to look back and remember fun times with Mom and Dad. So instead of Netflix, I suggest binging on Family Time this year. It doesn’t have to be some expensive flashy outing. It doesn’t have to have so much detail put into it that it is stressful to even consider doing with your family. I plan to commit to creating at least one family memory each week. I assure you most will be simple, inexpensive, and probably will not take this homebody far from home. Check back here weekly for ideas of how to create great new moments with your family.