Do Not Assume


Do not assume that your child is safe, that it would never happen, that your precautions were enough. They are not safe, it can happen, and there is ALWAYS a flaw in the precautions. Toddlers, autistic or not, are fearless and scary little people.

Charlie is a climber. I am a paranoid Mama who had a childhood friend who climbed a counter that was not yet secured to the floor. It fell over onto him. He died. Kenny was four years old. I remember going to the funeral when I was four and it has always stayed with me, the loss of him and how it happened. I took precautions because with the boys this has always been one of my worst fears.

Last summer we upgraded Charlie’s dresser from a small nursery furniture dresser to a larger one because the one he had really wasn’t large enough and I thought it would be too easy for him to tip if he climbed. Of course he climbed the new one. Of course this Mama researched furniture wall anchors and had Daddy install them. I checked the weight of the dresser empty, I checked the weight the wall anchors were designed to hold, I considered the added weight of clothes once in the dresser, I checked the customer rating of the wall anchors.

This morning before 7:00am Charlie’s monitor went off and we could hear him talking to himself. Monitor turned off, I struggled to get out of the bed to the bathroom, and then I curled back up into the bed for just a few more minutes. A loud crash a couple minutes later and my worst nightmare came true. Our early Saturday morning wake up call could have ended up much differently.


That your child is safe

That it wouldn’t happen

That your precautions were enough

We took precautions and found our child’s dresser laying in the floor this morning with him screaming because it scared him. We were lucky this morning. It could have been so different.

Dresser empty: 129 lbs

Wall anchor secure weight: 400 lbs

Excellent customer reviews

Installed according to safety instructions

Tested and pulled on by Mama and Daddy

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