About Me

I am a stay at home mommy of three wild little boys and I try to find the humor in my life. Some days if I didn’t laugh I’d probably cry. My boys constantly keep me on my toes and make me forget why I walked into a room. Seriously, there is a lot of staring off into space trying to remember what I was in the middle of doing and a lot of looking for my glasses. I am a forgetful, procrastinating, klutz (I own it too!) who consumes large amounts of caffeine daily just to function. We are a special needs and a military family and I call my kids #TheTroubles or #troublecomesinthrees so in keeping with the true spirit of our craziness this blog will cover it all. My life is all over the place so I’m assuming I should embrace my true nature and just roll with it. 

Play fighting with the hubby. Photo credit: Blakeman’s Photography