The Best Heart

I was told this morning that I have the best heart by one of Charlie’s therapists. It was simply because I took a moment between my million questions she answers for me about Charlie to ask about her family and make sure everything is ok with them. I took it as a wonderful compliment.

My Nanny told me when I was a little girl, after being told I was pretty, that even the most beautiful person in the world can still be the ugliest because of who they are inside. It is your heart that matters. I don’t remember how old I was when told this except that it had to have happened sometime before I was ten, but the lesson stuck with me through the years.

Kindness, compassion, giving of self (especially your time) are some of the best ways you can show a person you care. It takes nothing away from you to be kind to someone, even those who you feel may have been unkind to you.

You see, it’s not that I have the best heart, it’s that I have surrounded myself with those who have beautiful hearts. I have found these beautiful hearts in the friends I have found throughout the years, the Spectrum Mommies and other special needs parents that have been placed in my path, the NICU nurses who took care of my boys years ago, and most of all in the staff and therapists of WTRC where I take the boys for their therapies. These beautiful hearts have taught me to have the “best heart”. Even those who I feel have been unkind to me have taught me lessons of how to have a better heart.

It takes but a moment of your time a day to begin training your heart until it simply becomes who you are. For those of you who have wonderful therapists or a teacher for your child or even a random person you don’t know that crosses your path today have a smile and a kind word for them. It takes but a minute and it can fill their heart and yours. I am still “in training” and working on it daily so please don’t ask my kids to repeat the things I says to other people when I’m driving! 😁

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